How you feel about ghosts with palms

The purpose of this post itself is so that we can be more careful and to respect fellow creatures of God.
For those that do if breathing then the effect will be felt immediately, but if not it can take time, but some are directly managed, here's how:
Make our bodies as comfortable as possible and then pray first, and start doing major respiratory teratur.and is try not to think of something complex used, first release as doing Yoga.
Suggestion then there is energy flowing throughout the body until you can feel it (can feel the heat / cold or there is also vibration such as tingling or small stun).

Well then suggestion the energy flow to the hands and palms right, well let's suggestion repeatedly .If will have results like tingling hands, there heat / cold, or no stun small vibrations around the fingers and palms. (Do this exercise as often as possible and every day).
If thats enough then the way it works is you try to find an empty house or haunted places, suggestion energy flowing into palms and distribute them to where we're headed, then feel the energy feedback received by the palm of our hands, feel the sensation.

Maybe everyone will be different as there are direct energy shock, no such heat / cold, or like pins and needles, to prove you can visit my tread in kaskus and see the comments that try the technique.
Now that's a workout you can do to feel the spirits around you or it could be done anywhere or far away.
Can also yo detect magical objects etc would be very much beneficial if you managed to develop this technique.
Enjoy it....

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